Leading CSR

CSR belongs to the CEO, but how does the CEO know that everything and everyone in the company is working as they should?  One person cannot keep an eye on every transaction, but with the right toolkit and management framework, unpleasant surprises and risks can be contained. Once the foundation is solid, the company can benefit from the opportunities within CSR.

We provide a fast and easy solution for evaluating your company’s present situation, identifying any gaps or development areas, and the needed actions. We can also help in closing the gaps or delivering the development goals.

CSR Foundation is a half day coaching session for the leadership team, during which:
  • The team will receive effective sparring on the CSR focus areas
  • Current state of CSR management is evaluated
  • Any gaps or development needs are identified
  • Concrete actions, responsibilities and timing are defined

The coaching session introduces practical tools and procedures for successfully leading CSR. They are scalable, do not require additional IT or other technology, can be easily customized to the company’s needs, and are compatible with  ISO 26000 and ISO 31000 standards.

Do ask for more, and see the Leading CSR brochure for further information.

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